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United Disabilities Services

“Deb Minton is a breath of fresh air. During the time that Deb consulted with us, she was always prepared and engaging with her questions and suggestions. I was particularly impressed with the way she presented the concepts of the three different types of capital that donors and board members have to offer: financial capital, relational capital and intellectual capital. Expressing this to potential donors and especially board members was like opening a new door as it expanded their awareness and engagement. She was also instrumental in assisting us with securing and then successfully matching our year-end challenge campaign. Her professionalism and confidence helps lift you to the next level – which is where our organization is headed thanks to Deb’s expertise…” – Larry Aubrey, Director of Development



United Disabilities Services (UDS) hired Philanthropia Partners for several engagements over a three-year period. UDS is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and specializes in providing much-needed support and services to disabled persons and their families. 

In recent years, UDS experienced dramatic reductions from the State of Pennsylvania in fees for services. Hence, UDS was required to restructure their organization and Foundation, adapt their respective budgets and pivot their attention toward dramatically increasing their contributed income.

Scope of Work 

Deb immediately went to work with UDS to provide thought leadership and counsel in the following areas:

  • Retool and enhance the framework of their annual GALA;
  • Integrate and connect all of their fundraising endeavors;
  • Introduce Philanthropia Partners’ eight-step major gift process;
  • Review the status and background of key donor relationships;
  • Synergize the respective efforts of UDS’ President and VP of Development to enhance the donor experience;
  • Help UDS nurture major donors toward higher levels of engagement and contribution;
  • Explore new ways of engaging high-level volunteers in fundraising activities; and
  • Build a major gifts program and ensure its place within all levels of UDS operations going forward.   


Philanthropia Partners worked very closely with UDS’ President and staff during the contract periods through special coaching sessions specifically addressing mindset, philosophy, vocabulary, planning and soliciting major gifts from select donors.


This work culminated in a special micro-campaign stimulated by a challenge gift.  Not only did UDS seek and attain a challenge gift, but also successfully matched the challenge gift dollar for dollar in the timeframe desired.  This led to UDS ultimately meeting their budget for the first time in several years and laid the foundation for success going forward.